Central console and armrest for BMW 5 Series F10 and F11


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Central / middle / console, armrest, lock, fan
Carrier, console center / Mittelkonsole
Left Hand Drive / Linkslenker

The kit includes:
Part number BMW: 51169288913 BMW Center console SCHWARZ
Part number BMW: 51169208295 BMW Trim panel, center console, left SCHWARZ
Part number BMW: 51169208296 BMW Trim panel, center console, right SCHWARZ
Part number BMW: 51169216855 BMW Clasp, leather SCHWARZ
Part number BMW: 51169216865 BMW Armrest, leather, front middle SCHWARZ
Part number BMW: 51169213661 BMW Lock, armrest
Part number BMW: 64119311853 BMW Blower rear

Dismantled off a car with a chassis:

CODE: 37-F10-D674505

For factory installation of:
5? F10 (01/2009 – 10/2016)
5? F10 LCI (08/2012 – 10/2016)
5? F11 (01/2009 – 06/2013)
5? F11 LCI (08/2012 – 02/2017)

Available in: deDeutsch (German)

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